THE GREEN PAJAMAS – Edge Of The Night (St. Brigid)

Lastly, we have a collection of rare and unreleased songs which is available as a download-only release. Consequently I had this for a while as I was waiting for my package from the US, and so I have heard this a few more times, and it is currently my favourite of these albums. ‘Edge Of The Night’ is a brilliant start, being one of their classy rockers, complete with a naggingly insistent riff and solid backing from the band. ‘Song For Laurie’ starts off as a gentle ballad before gradually building to a guitar-infused finale, while ‘All The Lost Kisses’ is supposed to be an unplugged version, but it is the electric guitar-work which stands for me. ‘The Bicycle Song (There’s A Darkness)’ is another superb piece, stretching out to over twelve minutes, but with over half of that taken up with a stunning Eastern-tinged guitar solo. How could this ever be left off an album? The same applies to the next track ‘Under A Blood Red Sun’, which has some twangy guitar and organ interplay which evokes the late 60’s, but in a totally modern way. We also get the original version of 2002’s ‘Valerie Rose’, and ‘Northern Gothic’s ‘First Love’ with Laura taking the lead vocal and Jeff winding it down with an extended, scuzzy guitar solo. The album ends with another lengthy track in ‘Dance In The Window No. 1’, which is nine minutes of the Pajamas at their progressive best. Over a thumping rhythm, and after a fairly straight opening verse, we are treated to some fine, jazzy electric piano, which is something we hear far too rarely from the group. I will know in future not to leave it quite so long before checking for new output from the band, as although it was great to hear new stuff from them, it would have been nicer to stagger the listening over the last couple of years. Oh, I can hardly believe it, but I have just found that they have released two more live albums while writing these reviews, so I have fallen behind already!
 Edge Of
The Night