THE GREEN PAJAMAS – The Red, Red Rose EP (Green Monkey)

The ‘Red, Red Rose’ EP came out even before ‘Country!’, and so I must have just missed its release after getting ‘Poison In The Russian Room’, which is a great shame as it has some of the best songs of this batch of releases on it. The title track is a fantastic rocker, with some stunning guitar-work woven throughout the songs, and Jeff and Laura’s vocals blending perfectly. Listen a bit deeper and it turns out that the song was written about the suicide of schoolgirl Phoebe Prince, after constant high-school bullying. Jeff was so moved that he that he wrote and issued this song as a tribute. We might not have heard about the story in the UK, but apparently it sparked a storm of anti-bullying protests in the US, and this is Jeff’s contribution. The EP is fleshed out with four other tracks, three of which were previously available on the band’s download-only album ‘If You Knew What I Dreamed..’, but here for the first time on CD. The other new track is ‘If Forever Comes’ - another of Jeff’s lovely ballads, but as good as all these songs are they pale in comparison with the power of that title track.
 The Red,
Red Rose