ROOT DECO – Crystal Pool (Root Deco)

Root Deco are a duo consisting of Larry Vilchek on guitar and vocals and Paul Johnson on drums and vocals, and for a duo they kick up a pretty good noise. They might have help here and there, but the band is pretty much these two, and the music they make is classic rock. ‘Tough Night’ is a perfect example, with its rocking guitars and pounding beat, it storms ahead at full-tilt. Some nice harp-work enlivens the track towards the end, and that is your introduction to Root Deco. ‘Dead By Morning’ is taken a slightly slower pace, but still rocks out, and slots in a nice guitar solo. ‘Good News, Today’ is two minutes of rockabilly-influenced fun, and ‘Cool Down’ is a stately march with crunching guitar. ‘Deserted Cities Of The Heart’ is a cover of the Cream song, but in a version that makes it almost unrecognisable from the original, and ‘Big Parade’ is a guitar-led rocker, with some nice fills in the verses and featuring Sharon Johnson on vocals. ‘What’s With You’ goes all Heavy Metal on us, both with the crunching riffs and the growled vocals, but the band can pull this stuff off with ease and it is another great track. ‘Doctor’ is back to the classic rock format, with some galloping drumming from Johnson driving the song forward at a cracking pace. ‘Little Black Book’ has a distinct 50’s rock ‘n’ roll feel to it, and I could imagine this being a recently discovered track from someone like Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. ‘Nightlight’ has a catchy chorus and some nice guitar-work a la Dire Straits, and the album ends with a cover of Sharon McMahon’s 1964 soul stomper ‘Someday We’re Gonna Love Again’, adding another string to the bow of what this band can turn their hand to. This disc is available from the Stone Premonitions website, as well as the usual download sites, and if you want to sample some classic rock played by people who take their music seriously then you could do worse than try this, or any of Root Deco’s other five albums.

Tough Night