BESNARD LAKES – You Lived In The City (Jagjaguwar)

Another release by a much loved band that seems to have slipped out without warning. I have had this for about two months and I have still not seen a review of it anywhere. It is a four track EP of new songs, some written for a Canadian documentary about the mining town of Pine Point, one as the end credits for the film ‘Memories Corner’, and a cover of Trooper’s ‘We’re Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)’. This track opens the EP, and is a suitably reverential treatment, with ethereal vocals intoning the mantra of the chorus, before shoegazey guitars swamp the song in the very best Jesus And Mary Chain style. ‘Holiday Sin’ is an instrumental, befitting its origins, and is a superbly atmospheric piece – you can just picture the camera panning down the deserted streets of an abandoned mining town, and I haven’t even seen the film! ‘Some Colour In The Sky’ is stylistically similar to ‘Holiday Sin’, but with the addition of some mandolin and guitar to make the point that it is a rock band soundtracking this film. ‘Winter Never Comes (The Corner)’ closes the EP with the song they wrote for ‘Memories Corner’ which amazingly was not chosen to be in the film. It is the Lakes at their best, with a stunningly atmospheric song sung by Olga Goreas, and a backing by the band which just emphasises to me that they are one of the best indie rock groups around today. Probably for fans of the band rather than casual listeners, as most of this EP does not sound like their normal stuff, but even when they make music which is outside their normal style they do it with conviction, and so this 12” is definitely worth giving a spin.

Winter Never Comes
       (The Corner)