MILK MUSIC – Beyond Living (Self Released)

If The Amazing want to be psychedelic rockers, then Milk Music wish they were Dinosaur Jnr. This is classic riff-heavy mid-80’s grunge, and even more proof that indie guitar rock is alive and well. ‘Fertile Ground’ storms along at a cracking pace, crushing everything before it. The guitars are heavy, the drums are pounding and the vocals screaming – everything as it should be for some fantastic heavy grunge. Oddly, this is not a young band aping their elders as their ages range from 24 to 32, so more of a loving re-creation of the music they grew up with. As such, they do a great job, and while it might sound primitive and basic in places, that’s what grunge was all about. The title track and ‘No Life’ are straight-edge hard rockers, with stoner overtones to the fore on the latter. The guitars are way more upfront on ‘Out Of My World’, making it a highlight of this all too short six-tracker, and ‘Be Here Now’ is the most Dinosaur-influenced track here, with the vocal being a dead ringer for J Mascis at his most extreme. The instrumental ‘The Burning Light’ is the most musical track on the disc, and I am not being sarcastic here – it is just that it actually has some extra chords, a great Krautrock rhythm, and a semblance of a tune, and it’s a great way to sign off this superb little EP. As a sampler for the band it can only make you want to hear more, and for that you will have to wait until they release the tape of the session that they recorded for Brian Turner’s WFMU radio show. For now, though, I urge you to get this EP and listen to what the disaffected youth of America are feeling right now.

Fertile Ground