The Third Man
SAID LIQUIDATOR – Anthology 1987-1991 (Eccentric Sleeve Notes)

Said Liquidator were a Newcastle indie pop band who incorporated clarinet and flute into their quirky songs. So far their main claim to fame is having their ‘Third Man’ included on the indie compilation ‘The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2’. It’s a catchy little tune taken from their 1991 cassette album ‘Rise’, quite Housemartins in places, and should have brought the band to the attention of purchasers of the album. Two years earlier ‘House In Bohemia’ was very much of its time, although the flute intro would have been unusual enough to make it stand out. When the band started in 1987 they were writing songs like ‘How To Smile’, which is a spikey post-punk piece of guitar led pop, and yet just a year later they could come up with a smooth ballad like ‘Sole Contempt’. The title track from the ‘Rise’ cassette is a funky/indie pop crossover with prominent use of the clarinet, and reminds me of bands like the Higsons from a decade earlier. Other songs from the same source, such as ‘The Only Colour’ and ‘No Ribbons On Oak Trees’ are fine examples of what was going on in the UK in the early 90’s, and I can hear the influence of bands such as It’s Immaterial in some of the songs, which can only be a good thing. ‘Lovely Day’ is especially good, with its vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar and bongo backing giving it something of an African feel a la John Chibadura or King Sunny Ade. This 33 track anthology covers the band’s singles, EPs and the ‘Rise’ album, as well as including some unreleased songs. For a sample of the band’s work, as well as being able to view the 44 rejection letters that they received from labels such as CBS, EMI, Rough Trade and Chrysalis, then visit the website at