TEETH OF THE SEA – Your Mercury (Rocket Recordings)

This is a new band to me, and I haven’t had it that long so this is just a quick review. The band come from London, and for want of a better term they play post-rock instrumentals. The difference is that where a lot of post-rock is quite minimal, or the old classic quiet/loud, Teeth Of The Sea are just bloody loud. ‘The Ambassador’ is a case in point, with the repetitive bassline punctuated by squelchy bleeps and stabs of Sam Barton’s trumpet. There is no tune to speak of, but the music is so powerful that you are swept away by it and it isn’t until the end that you realise that it was just a load of noise. ‘Cemetery Magus’ has a bit more rhythm to it, and ‘You’re Mercury’ features some great playing from Barton. ‘A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.’ has an insistent dance beat behind it, and ‘Red Soil’ has the most odd found sound (?) lyric. ‘Horses With Hands’ has some truly eerie sounds erupting from it – something like a vomiting giant – and ‘Hovis Coil’ runs Barton’s trumpet through an echo-box for a hypnotic rhythm to work over. This is not an easy listen, but if you have an affection for Mogwai or Godspeed then you really should give them a try.
The Ambassador