STEALING SHEEP – With A Wand She Is A Poet (Red Deer Club)

My second Stealing Sheep purchase was the download EP, which is also a five track affair, and if anything is even more diverse than the other one. ‘Lion Show’ opens with what on first hearing sounds like a simple nursery rhyme singalong, but what on closer inspection turns out to be one of their catchiest tunes. ‘I Used To Learn Of Him’ sees the return of the accordian to give the song a certain Gallic feel, and ‘How Long Must We Wait’ is just a great pop song, with its deceptively simple melody and minimalist percussion on the chorus. ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ is a lovely ballad, and is just the sort of song to bring out the best in the girls’ vocals, while the EP ends with the out and out folk stylings of ‘Come Dream With Me’. If I had to choose then I think the first EP just has the edge as an introduction to the band, but ‘With A Wand…’ also has some great songs on it so it is definitely worthy of investigation. If they get the breaks then I think Stealing Sheep can make a big impression on the indie music scene, and so it is up to us to spread the word for these up and coming folk bands like SS and the Swedish/Japanese folk-pop of First Aid Kit.
     Lion Show