STEALING SHEEP – What If The Lights Went Out (Red Deer Club)

Stealing Sheep are three girls from Liverpool who have got together to join the folk resurgence that is going on at the moment. They have released two EPs so far in their career – one on CD and one as a download, as I was so impressed by the tracks I heard on the net that I got both of them straight away. ‘Shoot The Ducks To Win’ is the lead track from the physical release, and is a gorgeous slowie, with great harmony vocals and sparing use of violin to produce a superbly atmospheric piece of music. ‘Hole In The Water’ starts slowly, and you think that it is going to meander off into a disappointing finale, but then the chorus kicks in and you are hooked. ‘Love You Are A Record’ shows just how well the girls’ voices blend together, being almost a capella with the bare minimum of guitar backing. ‘Sleep’ shows the pop side of the band coming out, and once again the harmonies are outstanding. ‘There’s Only One’ end this far too short disc with an accordian-led tune where the girls take turn to sing the verses before coming together for the chorus. This is a great introduction to the group as it features the whole range of their music, from folk to pop to cabaret and beyond.
Hole In The Water