THE GLOBAL BROAD BAND – Free Palestine (Stone Premonitions)

The other disc that arrived from SP was the single taken from the EP. This contains four mixes of ‘Free Palestine’ – the first being the EP version, followed by two mixes from keyboardist Dave Hendry and one by Rapoon. Hendry’s first mix strips the track right back to the basics, slows it down to a crawl, and then eschews the vocals completely to come up with an ambient piece which drifts gently and incorporates some fine ethereal guitar work. Rapoon’s mix takes the original track and layers it with extra vocals, while also giving the whole thing a dub feel with good use of echo on the vocal track. After a while the original track fades down and the whole thing becomes an ambient dance tune, with echoes of the original track peeping through every so often, until nineteen minutes later it gently coasts to a halt. Hendry’s second mix goes all out for the dance audience, with the vocals once again mixed away to just backing on the chorus, and a repetitive beat is overlaid to create a superb dance track. These four versions of the song could not be more different, and so whereas some remix singles rip you off with almost identical sounding mixes, this EP is like an album in its own right with four distinct tracks clocking in at a whopping thirty nine minutes. If you are intrigued enough to want to sample some of this music then visit their website at for more information.

Free Palestine -
          Mix 2