FACTORY FLOOR Untitled (Blast First Petite)

Up until a few weeks ago I had read more about Factory Floor than I had heard of them, as their recorded output is minimal to say the least. One EP, one single and an odd track that appeared on the net a few days ago. Now we have a 10 vinyl, four track mini album, which comes with a free hour long DVD. So why should you investigate this obscure and enigmatic band? Quite simply because they make the most exhilarating noise that I have heard for quite a while, with NOISE being the operative word. Its not that there is anything particularly new about what they are doing I was listening to this sort of thing on home-made cassettes in the 80s but it is the fact that they are doing it now, when there is nothing else around that sounds anything like it, that gives them the edge. A Wooden Box starts off like Donna Summers I Feel Love before the drums and droning vocals come in to take it in a completely different direction, and this relentless rhythm is kept up for eight and a half minutes and yet some how manages to avoid becoming boring even the white noise bit at the end. Solid Sound is a little harder to take, being pretty much ten minutes of guitar feedback and random noise, but there are flashes of creativity in there so it is not a complete waste of time. Lying brings back the rhythmic side of the band, but adds in some chaotic drumming and more enigmatic vocals hidden way down in the mix, and 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7 (your guess is a good as mine) is mostly sequencer and drums, with odd effects thrown in here and there. Reading these descriptions might make this sound like experimental rubbish, but when you hear the actual music then it all starts to make sense. Not exactly sure how easy this is to get hold of, although I got my copy this week, four months after it came out so it is still available at the moment. If you are at all interested in experimental music then Factory Floor are a must, and as the only band around making this sort of stuff they are in the unenviable position of being at the forefront of a new trend. I hope they are up to the challenge.