THE DRUMS – “Summertime!” (Moshi Moshi)

New York four-piece The Drums have come to try and cheer us up in these gloomy times with a bunch of energetic, summery pop songs, and in the process have managed to write one of the catchiest tunes of the year. ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ has generated almost universal praise for its quirky pop charm and ability to have even the most unco-ordinated person up and dancing. ‘I Felt Stupid’ is just pure pop, with a chorus that was made for coming out of a radio, while ‘I’ll Never Drop My Sword’ is a bit slower, but nonetheless still great pop music. ‘Best Friend’ is a strange little song, with the up-beat tune contrasting sharply with the lyrics of ‘You’re my best friend, but then you died, when I was 23 and you were 25’. If you can get past the slightly depressing words then it is a catchy little tune! ‘Saddest Summer’ is a throw-away pop-rocker, replete with handclaps, drum machine, and jerky rhythms, and while ‘Make You Mine’ keeps the handclaps it also adds whistling and a more refined sound to make another summery pop smash. ‘Submarine’ is a guitar-led rocker, with some sweeping theremin-like synths in the background, while ‘Down By The Water’ is generally regarded as the best thing on here, and quite rightly so, with its sparse backing of tambourine and bass, and Jonathan Pierce’s strained vocals bringing to mind Glasvegas at their most tortured. ‘Me And The Moon’ picks up the pace again for another great summertime rocker, and ‘Instruct Me’ ends this EP with some more reflective insights set to squelching synths and sombre bass. ‘“Summertime!”’ is a taster for the band’s debut album which should see light of day sometime next year, and if these songs are anything to go by then it should be well worth hearing.
Let's Go Surfing