DARKER MY LOVE – 2 (Dangerbird)

Formed by ex-Fall guys Tim Presley and Rob Barbato, Darker My Love are a band who love 60’s psychedelia, but who want to play it in the 21st Century. ‘Northern Soul’ is a good introduction to their sound, with its fuzzed-out riffery and heavily reverbed vocals, while ‘Blue Day’ ups the riffage for a thundering excursion into early Spacemen 3 territory. ‘Two Ways Out’ is a more tuneful piece, which still manages to keep the fuzz-guitar well to the fore, and ‘Pale Sun’ gallops off into pure 60’s psyche with its soaring vocals and droning guitar. I detect more than a hint of Dukes Of Statosphear in this track, albeit a subconscious influence. ‘White Composition’ is one of their most out and out 60’s influenced songs, being a short, sweet, melody laden pop song. All stops are pulled out for ‘Add One To The Other One’, with a sitar droning away in the intro, while single organ lines drift in and out and guitars come and go in the mix. The ethereal quality is kept up with the repeated vocal refrain before the guitars explode into a scorching solo, which then segues effortlessly into the Floydian rock of ‘Even In Your Lightest Day’. The Floyd comparison stays on with the vocals to ‘All The Hurry And Wait’, while the drone-laden backing is more reminiscent of Can, but it all blends together perfectly to create the sound they were aiming for, and stretching it out to more than six minutes gives the track a chance to build and embrace the orchestral backing which come in towards to end. ‘Waves’ is a superb rocker just drenched in fuzz guitar – like the Stooges meet My Bloody Valentine – and thunders along at a storming pace. With barely a gap between them ‘Talking Words’ carries on this onslaught, and yet amazingly manages to incorporate a catchy melody and chorus into the maelstrom. ‘Immediate Undertaking’ brings everything down gently, with its hypnotic vocal refrain and spacey sound effects, and rounds the album off perfectly. For lovers of 60’s psyche and 70’s prog like me this is a great album, as it combines the best of both of those genres, and presents them in a thoroughly modern way. Highly recommended.
Northern Soul