AMAZING BABY – Rewild (V2)

I have been keeping an eye on Amazing Baby since their Radar spot in the NME last year, and subsequent investigation of their myspace page. The few tracks that I heard impressed, and the ‘Infinite Fucking Cross’ EP confirmed that this band had something. Now the album is here and they can target a much wider audience. ‘Bayonets’ is a good start, coming at you in a barrage of noise, and then settling down to become a thumping glam rocker. ‘Invisible Place’ takes a liberal helping of Floyd and squeezes it into a slow-building groove that climaxes with a space-rock freakout. ‘Kankra’ is buried under a storm of guitars, and it makes you realise just how many bands have used My Bloody Valentine as a template over the past couple of years. ‘Dead Light’ is good enough to be a single, having an infectious melody and catchy chorus, and just enough weird effects to make it stand out from the crowd. I have seen ‘Deerripper’ compared to both MGMT and Kasabian, but I think the latter is closer to the mark, with its churning rhythms and whining guitar under Will Roan’s urgent vocal. The eerie echoed vocals of ‘Old Tricks In Hell’ sound like Jarvis Cocker fronting a demented prog rock band. Old favourite ‘The Narwhal’ (it also appeared on the IFC EP) is pulled out again, but no complaint there from me, as it one of their most intriguing and captivating songs. Starting with just acoustic guitars and vocals they effortlessly conjure up a feeling of otherworldliness, and when the band come in for the last part and the flutes and bells appear it is like prog rock never died. ‘Roverfrenz’ pinches its initial melody line from Dylan’s ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe’, but then stretches it out to include some nice Latin American sounding rhythms and slaps a great guitar solo right in the middle. ‘Smoke Bros’ has a great singalong chorus buried in a rifftastic rocker, and even an experimental orchestral coda. If there is one track on here that doesn’t sound like anyone else, then this is it. ‘Pump Yr Brakes (another refugee from the IFC EP) is another riff-heavy glam rock track, awash with sound effects and staccato guitar, and is a fine song to end the album. So, Amazing Baby have managed to live up to their hype and deliver a fantastic debut record, and I for one am pleased that they haven’t let me down. Amazing, baby.