METRIC – Fantasies (Last Gang)

Toronto four-piece Metric have taken four years to craft the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Live It Out’, but it seems to be time well spent as this album has been receiving rave reviews. This is my first introduction to the band, and probably many other peoples as well, so I will have to review it on first impressions, and on that score the group have delivered a very impressive album. First single ‘Help, I’m Alive’ is a catchy indie/pop rocker, and is the perfect way to open the album. Emily Haines vocals have always been one of the highlights of the band, and on this track they are superb, twisting around the melody and delivering a hook-laden chorus. ‘Sick Muse’ is a bit more in the rock vein, but once again has an irritatingly catchy chorus, and ‘Satellite Mind’ has a dance-infused rhythm with Emily’s breathy vocals giving a suitably spacey feel. ‘Twilight Galaxy’ is a slow, moody track, helping you to drift off to your ‘happy place’, and so it is all the more shocking when the guitars of ‘Gold Guns Girls’ burst from the speakers. This is a great track, taken at a cracking pace, and driven by some motoric synth. ‘Gimme Sympathy’ is a nice little pop song, not quite as good as some of those that have gone before, but in no way bringing the album down. ‘Collect Call’ is another track where the synths make their mark, with squelches from the instrument assisting with the percussion, and giving the song a hypnotic quality. ‘Front Row’ is a riff-heavy rocker, leading into the more sombre ‘Blindness’, which reins in the power chords for another quite commercial number. ‘Stadium Love’ is a fantastic track to close the disc, combining the band’s knack of a catchy melody with some crunching guitar on the chorus – the next single if they have any sense. I can hear why this album has been receiving the plaudits that it has, as it is a great album, and while it might not tempt me to investigate their earlier work – as they apparently had more of a pop edge then – I will certainly be looking out for the next one.
Help, I'm Alive