PETE AND THE PIRATES – Little Death (Stolen)

Pete And The Pirates have been quietly plying their trade around the clubs of England for a while now, and the debut album by this Reading five-piece slipped out with little fuss last year. Despite the name and sleeve art pointing to the band being part of the Los Campesinos/Cajun Dance Party tweecore movement of 2008 they are nothing of the sort, delivering a punchy pop-punk sound. Openers ‘Ill Love’ and ‘Come On Feet’ are both barnstorming rockers, while ‘She Doesn’t Belong To Me’ is a slower number with a commercial edge, building from acoustic beginning to full-blown band at the end. ‘Mr. Understanding’ has a tune that you just can’t get out of your head, and ‘Bears’ turns the guitars up to eleven for some great power-punk. ‘Knots’ and ‘Dry Wing’ are two more punky rockers, and these are interspersed with gentle ballads like ‘Humming’ and ‘Moving’, making for a rounded album of great little songs. The thirteen tracks on this album fly by in just thirty five minutes, with only three of the songs breaking the three minute barrier, showing that the band know just how long it takes for a song to outstay its welcome. A great collection of pop gems by a band with much promise.
Ill Love