LOS CAMPESINOS – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (Wichita)

Only eight months on from their debut, Los Campesinos deliver their second album, and not only that but it comes in a box with a DVD, mini poster, booklet and two badges. ‘Ways To Make It Through The Wall’ shows just how far the band have come in that short time, being louder, snottier, and more energetic than anything from the debut, and while ‘Miserabilia’ reins in the pace, the energy is still noticeable in its shouty chorus. The title track is another raucous rocker, and while ‘Between An Erupting Earth And An Exploding Sky’ is pretty much dispensible, at least it is only a minute long, and before you know it you have another onslaught in ‘You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing’. ‘Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2’ is another one of Gareth’s confessional songs, but still cloaked in a maelstrom of guitars and violin. ‘Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time’ is the only ballad on here, and even that degenerates into electronic weirdness at the end, and things are rounded off by ‘All Your Kayfabe Friends’, which thunders along before screeching to a sudden halt. By recording in Seattle with producer John Goodmanson - whose other duties have included Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and The Wu Tang Clan - it seems that the band can finally put to rest their twee image, as if there is one thing that you notice on this mini-album it is that the band ROCK. Did they rush things in bringing out another album so soon after the first one? Well, if they wanted to show that they had progressed and hardened their sound in that eight months, then what better way than to slip out this taster, and to make it all the more appealing with all the freebies. On the whole this is a great collection of songs, with only a couple of clunkers, and if this is the direction that they want to go in then the next album should be a corker.
 Ways To Make It
Through The Wall