TAME IMPALA – Tame Impala (Modular)

Regular readers of the NME might have noticed a small article about Tame Impala in a recent issue, and I generally check out new bands that I like the sound of on myspace or their website. Mostly the results are pretty ordinary; one or two warrant further investigation, like Dinosaur Pileup and Florence And The Machine, both of whom I have high hopes for their debut albums, but Tame Impala were in a league of their own. I can’t remember the last time I was so blown away by the very first song that I heard, and the other four tracks on this EP keep that impossibly high standard. The three piece hail from Perth, Western Australia, and their sound is a mash up of heavy rock, psychedelia and indie guitar, blending into a unique sound that is unlike anything else around at the moment. Opening track ‘Desire Be, Desire Go’ starts off with distorted, grungy guitars hammering out a heavy riff, over which the singer intones the lyrics in suitably stoned style, but it is when they freak out for the middle eight that you can really hear where they are coming from, with psychedelic guitars raging over heavy backbeats before the vocals come back in to close the song. ‘Skeleton Tiger’ is more of the same twisted guitar sound, out there vocals and spacey solos, and is nearly as good as the opener. ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’ is a more up-tempo piece, with the band throwing in touches of Sub Pop grunge guitars in amongst the almost poppy tune. ‘Forty One Mosquitos Flying In Formation’ is another heavy rocker, perhaps their most out and out riffer of the batch, and they use it as the springboard for a superb psychedelic guitar solo. ‘Slide Through My Fingers’ has an Eastern tinge to the tune, and a distinct 60’s feel to the whole song, ending this EP in fine style. Having listened to so much music over the past 40 plus years, it would take something really exceptional to tempt this jaded palate, and Tame Impala do just that – they are the best new band that I have heard in years, and the sort of outfit that makes you want to spread the word to as many people as possible. Try to hear at least one of these tracks, and then track down a copy of this elusive EP so that you can say you were there at the beginning of their career.

Desire Be, Desire Go