THE LITTLE ONES – Morning Tide (Heavenly)

Two years on from their superb mini-album ‘Sing Song’, and despite being dumped by the short-sighted EMI, The Little Ones have finally delivered their first full album. Fans of that early release will not be disappointed, with every song being as much a summery anthem as their other work so far. The title track and ‘Boracay’ are exquisite power-pop, and recent single ‘Ordinary Song’ is one of their effortlessly melodic mid-tempo rockers. ‘All Your Modern Boxes’ is a bit more intricate – dare I say progressive – and ‘Gregory’s Chant’ is almost psychedelic, with its spacey sound effects. ‘Everybody’s Up To Something’ and ‘Rise & Shine’ are so catchy that you can hum along with them on first hearing, and ‘Waltz’ is the first ballad of the album, but is as tuneful as all the rest. After that brief respite, the band up the tempo for ‘Like A Spoke On A Wheel’, and the disc winds down with ‘Farm Song’, a moodily atmospheric piece which shows that they can be thoughtful and introspective if they want to be. The songs on this album show that modern bands can write pop music which is every bit as good as the classics from the 60’s and 70’s, and with new bands like The Little Ones, Beep Seals, and Scotland’s Sergeant coming through it looks like indie-pop is making a comeback. Had we had a better summer then this album would have been the perfect soundtrack to it, but even without the good weather this collection of joyous pop songs will lift the spirits of anyone who hears them.