APOTEOSI – Apoteosi

Apoteosi are an Italian symphonic rock band, containing two brothers and a sister from the Ida family, who released their one and only album in 1975. Heavily influenced by British groups such as Genesis and ELP, as well as some of the classic bands from their home country, this album mixes pastoral pieces featuring piano, flute and synths alongside heavier tracks which are augmented by drums and guitar. Opener ‘Embrion’ is an example of their quieter side, acting as an introduction to the epic 14 minute ‘Prima Realta’/Frammentaria Rivolta’, which marries the pure vocals of Silvana Ida to complex rhythms and tempo changes on guitar and keyboards, producing an outstanding piece of progressive rock. ‘Il Grande Disumano/Oratorio (Chorale)/Attesa’ is another lengthy prog workout, once again mixing attacking guitar lines with storming keyboard work, and a harmony vocal mid-section which shows how well the family’s voices blend together. ‘Dimensione Da Songo’ is a melodious ballad, played mostly on piano and synth, but with the guitar making a telling appearance towards the end. The final – title – track is built around a pulsing bassline, with the other instruments dropping in and out and doing their stuff, making for a much looser sound – almost space-rock in places – and although not quite in keeping with the preceeding pieces, when it gets it right it can sound quite exhilarating. It has been reissued by Mellow Records, but that is also now getting harder to find, so if you see a copy then snap it up, as it is a must for fans of progressive rock in general, and the Italian variety in particular.