ALUSA FALLAX – Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione

Another Italian band, and another first-rate progressive rock album. 1974 saw the release of this, the group’s sole album, although they had issued several singles during the late 60’s. In the intervening years the band had turned into prog rockers akin to Gentle Giant, with their music taking twists and turns within individual songs, and a strong classical influence running through their compositions. ‘Soliloquio’ is a short introductory instrumental, with flute and keyboards vying with heavy guitar towards the end. The first vocal track introduces the gruff voice of Duty Cirla – somewhat unusual in Italian prog as the vocals are normally quite melodious, but it does not detract from the song at all, which blends seamlessly into the title track, a lovely classical guitar and flute piece. ‘Rilfessione Al Tramonto’ starts off with some great guitar, and then turns into a powerful ballad. ‘Il Peso Delle Tradizioni’ includes a three way duel between keyboards, flute and guitar, and despite its brevity it crams a lot into its 1:38. ‘Carta Carbone’ is a catchy little pop song, commercial even, but the prog is back for ‘Per Iniziare Una Vita’ and ‘E’oggi’, with their jazzy flute and lashings of keyboards respectively. The album is rounded off with the aptly titled ‘Splendida Sensazione’, which takes all the best elements from what has gone before and distills them into a cracking closing track – excellent guitar solo, majestic keyboards and great harmony vocals. Yet another superb Italian prog-rock album, which unfortunately is not yet re-issued, but worth a try when it appears.