ALPHATAURUS – Alphataurus

Alphataurus’ debut album is generally regarded as being one of the finest to emerge from Italy in the early 70’s. Although their influences ranged from ELP to King Crimson, they managed to keep an Italian feel to the music by singing in their native language. The album came out in 1973, and opens with the majestic twelve minute epic ‘Le Chamadere Peccato D Orgoglio’, which is a piece of progressive music in the classic mould, with time, tempo, and mood changes through-out the piece, plenty of excellent organ and keyboard work, and a good vocalist in Michele Bavaro. ‘Dopo L’Uragano’ is a heavy power ballad, with a nice guitar/keyboard middle eight, and some hefty power chords rounding off the song. ‘Croma’ is a relatively short instrumental interlude, pleasant enough, but really just leading into the next big track ‘La Mente Vola’, which is another piece of classic prog, taken at a slightly slower pace, but none the less powerful for that. Final track ‘Ombra Muta’ is another fine piece of progressive rock, with some great jazzy organ in the middle, and Bavaro’s vocals shining once again. As so often happens with a great album it is over way too soon, and you just want to play it again straight away. It is a shame that the band only made the one album, as although tracks were laid down for a second it never came to pass. These instrumental pieces were released in 1993 but it could never be a patch on this album without the vocals to bring it all together. Never mind, though, as this album does exist, and is available on CD, and it really should be in the collection of any self-respecting progressive rock fan.