AEROBLUS – Aeroblus

Norberto Napolitano (aka Pappo) was one of the best guitarists to come from Argentina, and after plying his skills in Pappo’s Blues for six years he decided to form a hard rock trio and Aeroblus was born. They only released the one album, which came out in 1977, but it contained some great heavy rock in the style of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and even though the lyrics were in Spanish it did not matter as it was music which shone through. Opener ‘Vamos a Buscar La Luz’ was a great way to start, with some blistering guitar-work enhancing a great hard rocker. The jerky rhythm of ‘Arboles Difusores’ has a distinctly Zep feel to it, while ‘Vendriamos A Buscar’ is a great blues track, with some heartfelt guitar from Pappo. The hard rock returns in force for ‘Aire En Movimiento’, one of the heaviest moments on the album and home to a searing guitar solo. The pace lightens a bit for the bluesy ‘Nada Estoy Sabiendo’, and once again Pappo delivers on the guitar. ‘Sofisticuatro’ is an instrumental that powers along at a cracking rate, and the album ends with the superb ‘Buen Tiempo’ – another hard rock gem. If there is one criticism I have of this album it is that by making each song clock in at around three minutes it does not really give the band a chance to stretch out and show what they can do. Nevertheless, this is a great hard rock album, and the CD re-issue should be a must for any fan of the genre.