CAJUN DANCE PARTY – The Colourful Life (XL)

Cajun Dance Party have been making waves on the indie scene for so long that I was beginning to think that they would never get around to recording an album. Very much in the same style as Los Campesinos!, but with a bit more balls, this young London five-piece do not play Cajun or dance music, or even party that much, so just judge them on the quality of their music. A couple of these tracks have already been issued as singles, and with the rumour of another album set to appear later this year this nine tracker could be seen as a tidy up exercise before the debut album proper, but even if this is the case the songs on here are no mere throwaways. ‘Time Falls’ is particularly good, with a memorable tune which twists and turns into places that you would not expect, and ‘The Next Untouchable’ was an excellent choice of single, as it encapsulates the sound of the band in three minutes. The other single ‘Amylase’ was even better, and ‘The Firework’ sounds fine until the rather odd chorus comes in, but it is still catchy enough to overcome that spot of weirdness. ‘Buttercups’ is one of the best tracks on here, and the heavy guitars at the end could hint at a future direction for the band, as could the sonic experimentation of ‘The Hill, The View, And The Lights’. Some people might find Daniel Blumberg’s vocals a bit weak, or accuse the band of being too twee, but bear in mind that they had to break off their tour to complete their A-levels, and then think what they could be like in a year or two.