WOODEN SHJIPS – Vol. 1 (Holy Mountain)

Most of the tracks on this album were on the free CD which came with early copies of the US version of the band's last album, but for people who missed out on that thyey have now been issued in their own right as 'Volume 1'. The quality is not quite as high as the main album, although ‘Clouds Over Earthquake’ and ‘Shrinking Moon For You’ acquit themselves well. ‘Dance, California’ is a pounding instrumental which is available in two versions, with the radio edit being just too good to ever get on the radio, but ‘Death’s Not Your Friend’ is a frantic garage rocker which sounds a bit out of place amongst the rest of the guitar freakouts. ‘Space Clothes’ is an odd experimental piece with backwards vocals interspersed with stabs of sound, and the lengthy sonic freak-out of 'SOL '07', with its echo-laden vocals and pounding fuzz guitar replaces the full length version of 'Dance, California' which was on the free CD. It was worth getting the vinyl issue of this album just for 'SOL '07', which I didn’t already have, as it is a stormer of a track. If you have tracked down the album and were as taken with it as I was, then it is well worth your trouble in finding a copy of 'Volume 1' as the band were just as good in their early days as they are now.