FUTUREHEADS – This Is Not The World (Nul)

It has been something of a funny year for The Futureheads. Firstly getting dumped by their label after less than enthusiastic reviews of what I thought was a cracking second album. Quickly getting over that bombshell, they formed their own label and set about recording their third – a rousing two fingers to the music industry. Opening track and first single ‘The Beginning Of the Twist’ harks back to the punk rock energy of their first album, with lyrics that seem to be about the band themselves – ‘It’s time to wake up, It’s time to change, Let’s get it started’. They keep up this pace for ‘Walking Backwards’, and it is even more evident on ‘Think Tonight’ with its Pistols power chords and Buzzcocks melody careering you back to 1977. Second single ‘Radio Heart’ was a good choice to promote the album, as it is certainly one of the catchier tunes, and after the edgy riffing of ‘Sale Of the Century’ we finally get a chance to catch our breath with heartbreak ballad ‘Hard To Bear’. ‘Work Is Never Done’ and ‘Sleet’ both have riffs that echo those on their debut, and ‘See What You Want’ is another onslaught of punk rock guitars. With this album The Futureheads have gone right back to their roots for a punchy, in-your-face sound, and at the same time have proved once and for all that you don’t need the big bucks of a record company behind you to make a great album. Let’s hope that this time the sales reflect the quality of the music.