THE WOMBATS – Girls, Boys & Marsupials (Vinyl Junkie)

I have been hearing so much good press about Liverpool band The Wombats that I decided they deserved a bit more investigation. A quick trawl of the net found a couple of tracks which confirmed that the band make an enjoyable power-pop racket with humour-infused lyrics, and so it just remained for me to send off for the album and enjoy the music. This is where the obstacles started appearing. The band have recorded an album, but for some reason it is only available in Japan, and so off I went to to order a copy. 5,000 yen might sound a lot, but it actually worked out at less than £20, so I was quite pleased when the album arrived as it is bound to be a future collectors item. The music made it all worth while, though, as every track is as good as I had hoped, with the band’s infectious humour and knack for a catchy riff appearing on every song. ‘Moving To New York’ and the eerily prophetic ‘Lost In The Post’ both have rollicking tunes and spirited performances, while ‘Backfire @ The Disco’ and ‘My First Wedding’ really rock out on the chorus. ‘Metro Song’ has a jerky Futureheads feel to it, and yet they go the other way for ‘Little Miss Pipedream’ with its steady thump, thump, thump of a rhythm. ‘Sunday T.V.’ bemoans the lack anything worth watching on your day of rest, and the album ends with their theme tune, the delightful a capella ‘Girls, Boys And Marsupials’ New singles ‘Kill The Director’ and ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ just help to confirm that this band are going to be huge, and with their debut album proper due out any time now get ready to hear much more about The Wombats in the future. I suppose that their witty lyrics and down to earth Scouse attitude is going to earn them comparisons with a certain other Northern band, and it will certainly be interesting watching a Wombat battle a Monkey.