EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY – All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
                                                                                                  (Bella Union)

Like many of you, I imagine, I thought that postrock instrumental groups had died out in the late 90’s, and so it was with some surprise that I started to hear good things about this US band. I almost got their last album but it eventually passed me by, so I made the effort to hear this and I must admit that I am mightily impressed. Hailing from the ‘not really post-rock’ state of Texas, this four-piece’s fourth album pulls together all of the classic sounds of the genre, with chiming guitars and crashing cymbals one minute and galloping rhythms under thundering guitars the next. They do the quiet/loud thing as well as any, and while almost any band performing in this genre is at some point going to be compared to Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky come out of the duel with heads held high. ‘The Birth And Death Of The Day’ is a fine track to start with, as it contains all of the above, and shows what the band are about right from the start. ‘Welcome’ Ghosts’ is a tune of three halves, starting out with a fairly upbeat tune, then dropping down for an acoustic interlude before storming back for a guitar-fuelled finale. The thirteen minute ‘It’s Natural To Be Afraid’ covers every base in the post-rock handbook, and never outstays its welcome. ‘Catastrophe And The Cure’ has some inventive drumming, and closing track ‘So Long, Lonesome’ is a gentle guitar instrumental to wind you down after the guitar mayhem of some of the previous tunes. If you thought that post-rock had had its day then be thankful that bands like Explosions In The Sky don’t agree with you. Early purchasers of this album also get a bonus album of re-mixes (both on CD and on vinyl), so now could be the time to kick-start the post-rock revival.