THE LITTLE ONES – Sing Song (Heavenly)

The Little Ones are a five piece from California, and this seven track CD is a compilation of their first three singles and their B-sides. ‘Let Them Ring The Bells’ starts as they mean to go on - all summery guitars and big choruses. This is because The Little Ones are a pop band, and proud of it, and the remaining six songs on this extended EP/mini album demonstrate this perfectly. ‘Lovers Who Uncover’ and its flip ‘Cha Cha Cha’ are both joyously upbeat tunes which owe more than a little to powerpop giants such as Fountains Of Wayne, but with a lightness of touch that can sometimes be lacking in the genre. ‘High On A Hill’ cheekily pinches the intro to ‘Voodoo Chile’ before settling down to deliver a 60’s style pop gem, complete with soaring chorus and restrained guitar solo. ‘Oh, MJ!’ is another grooving disco-inspired rocker – perhaps slightly more in the lyrics than in the music – but once again with a great chorus and real pop nous. ‘Face The Facts’ has your feet tapping almost a soon as it starts, and ‘Heavy Hearts Brigade’ takes an interesting turn in the melody to become more than just another ‘pop song’ – possibly a direction the band could explore in the future. All too soon it is over, and you are left with the definite impression that pop seems to making a comeback in these cynical and depressing times. Thank goodness that The Feeling, The Shins, and now The Little Ones are here to cheer us up, and with this young band having proved that they have a way with a melody, lets hope that they don’t lose their naive charm before they have a chance to lay down an album of songs as good as these.