TAMBORINES – Sally O’Gannon (Sonic Cathedral)

The label name is a dead giveaway, being the epithet given to bands such as The Cocteau Twins to describe their ethereal sound, and so I am already predisposed to liking this single from Brazilian/British band Tamborines. This is their second single, although the only one that I have heard, and the sound is set firmly in the 60’s, but with a Spacemen 3 style drone-rock backing of massed guitars, and with an infectious singalong chorus. Crammed with effects and a feelgood vibe, it is a fantastic single which will probably be heard by far too few people. B-side (it is a limited 7” release, in yellow vinyl and with a free badge) ‘Be Around’ is a Velvets-style ballad, not in the same league as the A-side, but pleasant enough, and showing both the rockier and quieter sides of the band. I have not heard much more about the band apart from this single, so do not know if an album is imminent, but I will be there when it does appear as I think that the band could make an extremely enjoyable long-player.