WOODEN HORSE – Wooden Horse 2

Wooden Horse were a UK folk/rock act who made a couple of albums in the early 70’s. This is their second, from 1973, and contains some pleasant songs of the genre, well sung by Susan Traynor. The guitar-work on a song like ‘Celebration Song’ is quite adventurous for the time, and the harmonies stand out on ‘America’. Although it is not stated on the label, I would say that all these songs are penned by the band, and quite a good job they have made of them. ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ and ‘For You’ have a nice soft rock feel to them, and in some places the folk influences are replaced by a more singer/songwriter type vibe. ‘July Morning’ and ‘Coming Home’, though, are pure folk/rock, and fine examples of the genre. ‘Afternoon’ is a lovely gentle song, and the addition of flute adds to the melancholy feel, while ‘Typewriter And Guitar’ ends the album with another track that is more singer/songwriter than folk. Both of the band’s albums are extremely hard to find, and so this vinyl re-issue was a godsend, although the debut has yet to surface. Incidentally, if the name Susan Traynor rings a bell it is because she later resurfaced as Noosha Fox in the late 70’s pop group Fox, although their music was obviously far removed from this. Nevertheless, this is a very good folk-rock/soft rock album and should be snapped up before this issue goes the way of the original.