ROCKAL Y LA CRIA - Salgan De Camino

Rockal Y La Cria hail from Argentina, and were a heavy rock band from the 70’s. Their sole album from 1973 is characterized by some stunning guitarwork from Rockal (otherwise known as Rocky Rodriguez), and his songs give him plenty of room to show off his technique. The title track and ‘Dolares Y Tanques’ are particularly good examples of his skill, with the latter having a good psychedelic freakout towards the end. ‘Los Duenos De La Tierra’ has a distinct Latin American feel to it, with the acoustic guitar and bongos a welcome respite from the onslaught of the previous two tracks, but he can’t keep it up for long and the full band soon return to end the track. The blues are well represented here as well, with ‘Blues De La Noche Solitaria’ and ‘Golpeando Bajo’ featuring some outstanding blues guitar, while ‘Trotacalles’ combines the blues with a heavy rock backbeat for a great R’n’B style rocker. The album ends with a couple of more straight-forward rockers, with ‘Ya No Habra Mas Miedo En La Cuidad’ being the best - once again including a fine guitar solo – and ‘Ganando La Calle’ being a short instrumental with some bluesy harmonica blowing. This album was re-issued on CD ten years ago, and can still be found if you look hard enough. It is worth seeking out is you are into classic guitar rock with a touch of the exotic, and with Rodriguez being such a talented guitarist it is well worth the effort.