NUCLEUS – We’ll Talk About It Later

A year after their debut appeared, Nucleus released their second album, which followed on very much from the first. This time Karl Jenkins took most of the writing credits, but as he is an exceptionally melodic jazz composer this makes for a most enjoyable album. ‘Song For The Bearded Lady’ is a case in point, utilizing a great riff which later turned up in one of his Soft Machine compositions, while ‘Lullaby For A Lonely Child’ shows Carr’s trumpet work at its most sensitive, on yet another classy Jenkins tune. The title track has Spedding’s guitar to the fore, emphasizing the rock element of jazz-rock, while ‘Oasis’ is a showcase for Jenkins’ superb jazz saxophone playing, both on tenor and alto sax. ‘Ballad Of Joe Pimp’ brings to mind Frank Zappa’s ‘Willie The Pimp’ from his ‘Hot Rats’ album, and similarly is the only track on here with lyrics. ‘Easter 1916’ reprises two similarly titled tracks from the first album, complete with vocal interjections, and ends this album in fine style. Together with Isotope and If, Nucleus were one of our best home grown jazz-rock units, and these albums belong on the shelves of any fan of the genre.