MORNING DEW – Morning Dew

This Kansas outfit issued two albums and a number of singles during the late 60’s. This is their debut, and the music contained on it belies the fact that it was thought to have come out in 1967 - it sounds at least two years later, with the heavy rock guitars of ‘Crusader’s Smile’ making it a great opening track. It has recently been discovered that the album actually appeared in 1970, and that makes much more sense of the music. ‘Young Man’ has a Bo Diddley beat behind a rocking little song, and some searing guitar. ‘Cherry Street’ is another great heavy rocker, with some more fine guitarwork, while for ‘Gypsy’ the band go for a more otherworldly approach, with wordless vocals over a lengthy guitar solo, before the band kick in and the song itself starts up. ‘Something You Say’ showcases the quieter side of the band, with a nice orchestrated ballad, but their forte is rock, and for the closing ‘Epic : The Mann – Death Is A Dream’ the band pull out all the stops to deliver a fine rocker with some stinging guitar-work, and a false ending that sounds like your record player has run down. Yet another album that, while it is no re-discovered classic, is still a good late 60’s rock record which makes a diverting listen.