J.E.T. – Fede, Speranza, Carita

Jet hail from the Italian city of Genova, and released their only album in 1972. They were a heavy progressive rock band, and the album showcases their obvious talents in this field. The first side of the album comprises just two lengthy songs, with the title track having some great heavy guitar work which weaves in and out of the classical keyboard lines to produce a fine example of Italian prog. ‘Il Prete E Il Pescatore’ is a slower piece, with more emphasis on the keyboards, and it also means that the Italian vocals are more upfront - which doesn’t detract from the music, they are just more noticeable on a ballad. Musically the band mix jazz and classical keyboards to fine effect, making this another excellent piece of music. For side two the band treat us to three shorter songs, in which they can demonstrate their takes on jazz, folk, and classical music. ‘Ce Chi Non Ha’ is a lovely orchestral ballad, while the heavy guitars return for ‘Sinfonia Per Un Re’, which ends up as one of the most progressive pieces on here due to the excellent use of keyboards and orchestra. ‘Sfogo’ is perhaps slightly less successful, being a rocked-up honky tonk piano instrumental with scat vocals, but it still rolls along at a fair pace. The CD re-issue adds on two bonus tracks – their quite commercial single ‘Gloria Gloria’, and ‘Guarda Col Tuoi Occhio’, another heavily orchestrated ballad. While perhaps not as well known as some of their countrymen, J.E.T. have nevertheless delivered an album which once again proves that Italy made some of the finest prog of the 70’s.