THE ALIENS – Alienoid Starmonica (Pet Rock)

It was a great shame when The Beta Band called it a day, as if nothing else they were a breath of fresh air in a stale indie world back then. Mainman Steve Mason is back with his King Biscuit Time, and now it is the turn of former members John Maclean and Robin Jones to team up with original member Gordon Anderson (who left before they ever recorded) to form The Aliens. With such an input it is obvious that this four track EP is going to have some seriously twisted tunes, and so it does. I must admit that opener ‘Hey Leanne’ is not one of my favourites, done as it is in a totally straight country style, and even though it is tongue in cheek and is about aliens kidnapping your girlfriend the music does kind of kill it for me. However, it does redeem itself at the end when the band veer off into some kind of out there space rock complete with weird bleeps and sound effects, so not a total disaster. ‘Only Waiting’ follows and is more straight-ahead rock music, with a stomping beat and some good harmony vocals. ‘Robot Man’ is great funky singalong track with an infectious chorus and a definite 70’s glam feel to it. ‘Ionas (Look For Space)’ finishes the EP with their most psychedelic outing, starting out with acappela vocals before the instruments slowly appear to create an almost progressive rock song (and I mean that it a good way). An excellent debut by a band who could take the Betas place in my life.