LE MAN AVEC LES LUNETTES – Breasting The Tape (Best Kept Secret)

We now travel from France to Italy, and once again I think this is a first for the label, which is quite odd considering that the chap who runs it hails from the country. The band have taken on board many UK influences to produce a pop sound that is instantly accessible. ‘Tennis System And Its Stars’ is a lovely start to the album, being a gentle pop ballad, but they almost spoil it all with the next track ‘The Dogsitter’ which is just a little to vaudeville for my liking. They redress the balance immediately, though, with the acoustic balladry of ‘Our Driver Goes Fast’, which has some exquisite harmony vocals and a distinct psychedelic feel to it. ‘Venice’ and ‘Victorian Swimming Pool’ are more gentle pop songs, before a lengthy guitar and synth intro heralds ‘Attic’. This song features double tracked vocals and has a harmonica solo at the end, and is certainly one of the better tracks here. However, that accolade must go to the utterly beautiful ‘Wimbledon’. This acoustic ballad has a very effective vocal backing, some lovely piano-work, and a heartfelt vocal performance, all adding up to make it the outstanding track on the album. I must admit that the French and Italian albums are by far my favourites of this latest batch of releases, with Le Man Avec Les Lunettes just coming out on top. Whether I will hear any more from them is doubtful, as I don’t think that a UK label will pick up on them, so it looks as though it will be up to Alessandro to make sure that he issues more music from this fine band.