APPLE ORCHARD – Across Haymarket & The Triangle (Best Kept Secret)

Apple Orchard are the brainchild of prolific songwriter Ryan Marquez, and for this album he shares duties with brother (?) Dale to produce some nice acoustic songs. ‘One Of A Kind’ is a perfect example of this, being mostly guitar and vocal, and while his voice is not the best it is acceptable enough for the genre. ‘Near Perfect’ is more of the same, but this time features Dale on synth, which adds a bit of depth to the song. The title track is actually the best one here, being an intriguing instrumental with odd programmed drums at the start, and Ryan doing some good guitar picking. For ‘Closer’ he brings out the electric guitar, and while he does seem more proficient on the acoustic it is nice for a change to hear something a bit different. To end the album he does a cover, and it is an unusual choice for an acoustic artist in picking Ride’s ‘Vapour Trail’, but he does a reasonable job in translating it and it ends the album on a high. Although I am usually less keen on the acoustic strummers who release albums on BSK, Apple Orchard are not that bad, and while I doubt that I will play it more than a couple of times it is pleasant to listen to, and so should please his fans.