JEAN PILOT – The Art Of Falling Down A Mountain (Best Kept Secret)

Jean Pilot is the solo project of prolific Swede Jens Stääf, who wrote, produced and played everything on here. The sound is a mix of modern indie pop and 80’s style electro-pop, which mostly works although the latter songs do tend to sound a trifle dated. He certainly has a knack for good tunes, and has a pleasant vocal style, but the drum machine does let down songs like ‘Birds’ as they sound a little stilted. ‘When I Try To Speak’ is better as it has a more modern sound, being a good up-tempo indie pop song, and ‘Outer Space’ is a fine bluesy number. ‘Snow Flake’, ‘No Time For Inspiration’ and ‘I Miss The Feeling Of Wet Grass Under My Bare Feet’, however, are back to the electro-pop, with its inherent feeling of being 20 years behind the times, even though the last track tries to vary things a bit by slowing down the pace. ‘Drink Some Lime Juice’ is one of the best tracks here, as it features a great bass riff underpinning the synths, and while ‘Taking Ghosts’ ends the album with a good rocker, the vocal lets it down slightly. Overall this is not a bad album – dated in parts but at least it is not all in the same electro-pop style, and credit must go to Stääf for doing the whole thing himself.