THE MARCH FOURTH – What We Did On Our Summer Vacation
                                                                                           (Best Kept Secret)

Three piece The March Fourth have produced this seven track tape, which is produced by Charles Newman of Magnetic Fields fame, who obviously sees something in the band. The music is low-key pop ballads, as on ‘Run Me Over’ which opens the album and ‘Asking For Disaster’ which opens side two, although there is one experimental piece which sits uneasily with the rest of the songs. ‘The Last Time I Saw Beth Markowski’ has a disturbing undercurrent, made all the more menacing by the white noise running behind the track and the creepy spoken vocal. But then they follow that with the summery pop of ‘Are You Asleep?’ and everything is all right again. ‘Every Easy Thing’ and ‘Noah’ are more upbeat pop songs, while ‘The Sunday Song’ rounds off the album with some mid-paced pop. The whole album once again has that C86 indie feel to it, with the jangly guitars and lightweight pop tunes, and while that is all very fine I feel that a beefier production would have helped make these songs a bit more memorable. OK for a few listens, but there are others in this batch which will return to the deck before this one.