THE DANNY SAYS – Not Like That (Best Kept Secret)

Another Swedish band (what do they put in water over there?) who give us a seven tracker of infectious pop tunes. OK, the guitar is very C86 and the vocals can be a bit whiney, but at least the songs have tunes and a memorable chorus, and the band certainly put their all into them. The title track is a singalong rocker, while ‘Confused’ slows down the pace and introduces a farfisa organ to the mix. ‘Bright Side’ ups the tempo quite considerably, so that while the song itself is almost a punk tune, the single note guitar solo is very 60’s and quite at odds with the rest of the track. ‘Always Back’ has quite a Beatles feel to it, both in the melody and the guitar style, and is one of the best tracks here, and the vocal style goes better with this sort of song. The three tracks on side two comprise the effete ‘(If I Had A) Bike’, the quirky ‘Falling’ and to close the album one of the best tracks on here in ‘I Came To Think’. With a fuller guitar sound and an instantly hummable tune this should be the template for the band’s next release as it all blends together to produce a great song. At the moment there is promise here, but I will await their next album with interest.