ELECTRIC SOFT PARADE – The Human Body EP (Truck)

Considering that Electric Soft Parade are one of my favourite bands this EP actually slipped out without me even knowing about it. I happened to come across it while surfing the net, and as it was on an American site I assumed that it was a US only release, so ordered it from America. I then found out that you can get it over here, so I recommend that you save yourself a lot of trouble and do just that. The six new songs contained on it were all written last year, in the wake of their excellent second album ‘The American Adventure’, and as you would expect the overall sound follows on pretty much from there. A couple of the songs, notably ‘Cold World’ and ‘So Much Love’, do seem to have an almost ‘pop’ edge to them, but generally the brothers have stuck to the tried and tested formula of catchy tunes and riffing guitars, as evidenced by the superb ‘Kick In The Teeth’. ‘Everybody Wants’ is awash with keyboards, and also features Tom White on violin and guest Phil Sumner on cornet, and they manage to make it sound like a full orchestra. ‘A Beating Heart’ combines both styles, being half ballad and half rock song, and although it does sound a bit like two different songs welded together the band pull it off. This EP is the perfect stopgap before the next album, which I hope will not be too long, and if you like the band then don’t miss out like I almost did.