ERIC ANDERS – Tethered To The Ground (Baggage Room)

I was mightily impressed with Eric Anders’ last album and said so in my review, which the man himself read on the net. This lead to an exchange of emails and a copy of his latest album dropping through my letter-box. Musically it carries on very much from where the last one left off, with Anders’ melancholy vocal backed by his gentle melodies (written by Anders and not his band-mates, as I wrongly assumed last time), all immaculately played and produced. The title track and ‘How Low And Why’ show Anders at his best, with subtle tunes and articulate lyrics, while ‘Far Away Land’ takes his vocal up a register and sounds almost commercial. On the whole these songs are lyrically much more upbeat than on ‘More Regrets’, due no doubt to the fact that he recently got married, and so the dark songs now have to be consigned to a distant memory, but he had to put at least one in and so we have ‘Funeral Time’ – a mournful lament on death. ‘Earth Rise’ actually has some heavy guitars on it, which liven things up a bit, and the strings on ‘Looking Forward To Your Fall’ add an extra bite to this stinging attack on George Bush and the Iraq war. ‘So Wrong’ expresses his disappointment in the direction that America is moving in, and you start to see the theme of this album. Much more political than his last one, the entrancing melodies house some scathing lyrics, and Anders’ skill as a lyricist comes to the fore. Confusingly, this album is both the same and very different from the last, with the music carrying on in very much the same vein, but the words evolving in a completely new direction. An excellent album which shows that ‘More Regrets’ was not a flash in the pan. For more information contract him at