JADE WARRIOR – Jade Warrior

Tony Duhig and Jon Field had both previously played in pop/psyche band July, and decided to put together a hard rock band at the beginning of the 70’s. Their debut album came out on 1971, and was in fact a mixture of progressive elements welded together by the superb guitar playing of Tony Duhig, a perfect example of which is to be found on ‘Windweaver’. Throughout their career it is Duhig’s guitar which has become the band’s most recognizable element, and this album introduced it to the general public. Jon Field’s flute playing is also an integral part of the group’s sound, and when these blend together you can either get the beautiful, melodic, drifting ‘Dragonfly Day’ or the screaming, piercing ‘Petunia’. They also do more traditional rock, as in ‘Telephone Girl’ and ‘Psychiatric Sergeant’, which although comprising recognizable verse, chorus, verse format, still manage to include stunning guitar solos. An exceptional debut for this three-piece, and one which would be a hard act to follow.