AFTER TEA – Jointhouse Blues

The Tee Set were a Dutch beat pop outfit who released a clutch of popular albums between 1966 and 1975, gaining them a smattering of recognition in other parts of Europe. A couple of the members split in 1968 and joined forces with British guitarist Ray Fenwick to form After Tea. For their first album they kept to the lightweight pop and ballads, but for the second they parted company with Fenwick and recruited ex-Baroques guitarist Ferry Lever. This new line-up produced two more beat/pop albums before they pulled out all the stops and delivered this excellent hard rock and blues effort in 1971. The title track is a fine example of the band playing the blues, but ‘You’ve Got To Move Me’ is a superb heavy rock track showing Lever’s guitar and Polle Eduard’s vocals to their full effect. ‘Someday’ is a power ballad with a jazzy Hammond organ solo from Eduard, while ‘Let’s Come Together’ fools you into thinking that it is a gentle ballad before the guitars crunch in to lay down the basis for a bluesy rocker featuring a great Lever solo. All of this is just leading up to the centerpiece of the album – the side long live recording of ‘Trial’/‘Punishment’/‘The End’. This is a Ten Years After style blues/rock workout, mostly instrumental, and featuring every member of the band giving their all in a string of solos, led by some outstanding guitar and organ interplay. A rousing way to finish off this great heavy rock album. Out on CD, but getting increasingly harder to find.