MAGIC NUMBERS – Magic Numbers (Heavenly)

Filial four-piece The Magic Numbers debut album owes a huge debt to such 60’s bands as the Mamas And Papas, where two male and two female vocalists join together to make exquisite harmony-laden music. Brothers and sisters Romeo and Michele Stodart, and Sean and Angela Gannon have put together an album of summery feelgood songs which understandably made them the hit of Glastonbury. ‘Mornings Eleven’ kicks off proceedings with a great jerky pop song, full of twists and turns, but still eminently catchy. Last single ‘Forever Lost’ showcases the vocal interplay between the siblings, and should have been a much bigger hit than it was. ‘Long Legs’ has an infectiously catchy tune, and some great country guitar pickings, while ‘Love Me Like You’ comes over as a cross between Kings Of Leon and The Strokes. ‘I See You, You See Me’ sees Michele get a lead vocal, and shows that she has a most affecting voice. The addition of violin on ‘This Love’ adds poignancy to an already bittersweet love song, and the country leanings of ‘Wheels On Fire’ make the most of the vocal harmonies of the band. ‘Love’s A Game’, which has a superb singalong chorus bringing to mind the perfect pop of the Cardigans, should be a contender for the next single, and ‘Try’ ends the album with a tender ballad. The double vinyl issue comes complete with a bonus single sided 7” disc of ‘Watersong’ – a rather odd little instrumental using splashing water as a rhythm. Romeo Stodart must get most of the praise for this album, having a hand in writing all of the songs, and co-producing it as well, while his guitar playing is perfect for the songs – understated when it needs to be, but able to rock out on tracks like ‘Long Legs’. Yet another debut album from a new band which comes out of left field and blows you away. Magic indeed.