GENERAL CUSTARD – Selected Rejects (Falling A)

The third General Kustard album of this batch is a collection of tracks recorded between 1998 and 2001 (probably), with track 12 being recorded in 1993, and one track coming from 1986. The vagueness of the information filters through to the music, with most of the tracks being loose instrumental jams. ‘Stompo’ has an interesting bassline over which the keyboards strike some pleasant chords. ‘Squogpobbler’ uses the synths as a backbeat for a more unregimented piece over which the keyboards squelch away, but ‘Safari’ has a harder edge to it, and although still lacking a recognisable melody it is quite successful at evoking a mood. ‘Boiled’ follows on straight afterwards, and the two tracks could be from the same session as they are so similar. ‘Snotgoblins’ is the second longest track on here, but does not really deserve the exposure, taking over seven minutes to go precisely nowhere. With the re-appearance of the drums on ‘Spinach’ the band take on some structure and the piece is all the better for that. Eerily menacing, with some good fuzz guitar, it emerges as one of the better tracks on here. ‘Woe’ follows in its footsteps, and really does evoke the title, and although ‘Football’ does start promisingly, it ends up as feeling like a backing track searching for a tune. That just leaves the closing fifteen minute ‘Later’, and with the introduction of a sequencer on this piece it feels as if the band are finally going somewhere. The rhythmic structure that it gives the track puts it head and shoulders above anything else on here, and reminds me of ex-Throbbing Gristle duo Chris And Cosey. The track seems to be a suite in four parts, and even though the other three are not in the same league as part one, the band seem spurred on to produced some alternately melodic and atmospheric music. Bearing in mind that these tracks were out-takes from their other albums I think that this collection generally stands up pretty well, although should you want to sample the band I would try one of their proper releases first.