INCIDENTALS - Incidentals (Six Armed Man)

‘Incidental 1’, which opens this CD, is a jangly guitar/casio organ instrumental, very reminiscent to me of the numerous bands who purveyed this style of music in the 80’s. It also sets the tone for what follows, which is quite dated instrumental music, mostly played on synths, with the odd guitar or bass scattered around, and all held together with the trusty old drum machine. Some of the tracks are quite tuneful, as in ‘Go Crazy Smash Smash Disco’ or ‘Buckets’, while others are experimental in the extreme – ‘Ephemeral Piece’ or ‘Opposites Combined’ being good examples. It is actually the tunes without the gutar which work the best, as the angular, jagged tone of ‘Pruritis’ sounds more out-dated than a synth only track like ‘Incidental 2’. Taken as a whole it is a strange mixture of instrumentals, some in a C86 jangly guitar style, and others with an electro-pop bent. Not really sure if it is something that I would ever play more than a couple of times, as I have heard this type of music an awful lot over the past twenty years, and I am more on the lookout now for something a bit more modern. Admittedly, this CD was put together from tapes found in the vault, and so it could well be more then twenty years old, and while there might well be a market for this style of music in 2005 I think most people these days are looking for something a bit more up to date.