DAVE DILL – See You In The Sunshine (Pickled Sun Music)

This is Dave Dill’s fourth album, and it is a complete solo album in every sense, with Dill writing, playing and producing everything himself. ‘Starting From Zero’ is an excellent opening song, showcasing Dill’s melodic vocals and song-writing skills. A good hook and understated playing bode well for the rest of the album. ‘Hope You Know’ has a definite feel of Wings about the vocals and parts of the music, although with a slightly harder edge to the guitar solo than Macca would ever have allowed. ‘Snow On Medway’ is a short atmospheric guitar instrumental, which leads smartly into ‘Along The Way’, an uptempo ballad with a well executed guitar solo. ‘Dreams’ is a lovely ballad, which at over seven minutes does not outstay its welcome one bit. Lush vocal harmonies and a restrained acoustic backing make this track one of the highlights of the album. ‘Light In The Canyon’ shows another side of Dill, with the guitar picking and harmonica giving the songs a real ‘Rocky Mountain country’ feel, but with just enough folk leanings so as not to plummet full tilt into country and western. The title track is a heavy rocker, quite at odds with the rest of the album, but an interesting sidetrack and proof that Dill is not just a balladeer, but can produce the riffs if they are needed. ‘Train Is Leaving’ is a simple acoustic guitar driven song, overtly simplistic but having a charm which carries it off. ‘Further Up, Further In’ finishes off the disc with a song that shows Dill’s 60’s influences to the full, with phased guitars and psychedelic swirls of sound. Some fine ragged guitar and a great solo make this the perfect track on which to end the album. This CD brings to my attention a previously hidden talent, who can write real songs that harks back to the classic song-writing of the 60’s and 70’s, and yet still be totally up to date. A real find, the best album of this batch, and a name to watch out for in the future.