THE SORAYAS – The Sorayas (Best Kept Secret)

I spoke too soon, as The Sorayas have now taken the title of best BSK band in this issue. The catalogue description of ‘loud, superfast, overwhelming noisepop’ is for once spot on, and from the opening buzzsaw guitar of ‘How It Begins’ we are treated to the best that Sweden has to offer. Annika Forsberg has a great voice, and also plays a mean guitar, making this tape a pleasure to listen to. ‘Don’t Want To Be Like You’ is another great rocker, and while ‘Tomorrow’ slows the pace slightly the tune still rocks. ‘Perfect Endings’ and ‘You Decide’ are two more stinging tracks, and before you know it it is time to turn the tape over. Side two starts every bit as good as side one, and if anything is even heavier in parts. ‘Easy Tune’ has one of Forsberg’s best vocal performances, and ‘Drag Me Under’ adds Hole to the mix for a superb song which is one of their most confident efforts. ‘All Night’ is Ramones-lite heavy punk, and we return to the buzzsaw guitars for the final ‘Bothered’. Without a doubt the outstanding album from this batch, and a band that I will be looking out for in the future.

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